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Info on Pet Food and Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuit About Pet Food
Susan Thixton, Facebook link

Animal Healthcare-Holistic Vets

Happy Babbish, DVM
(acupuncture, herbology, chiropractic, and energy therapy)
House calls – 713.906.0361

Patricia A. Baley, DVM, PhD

Patricia Brown, DVM, Phd
House calls – 713.557.5454

Donna Hein, DVM, CVA

Robin Robinett, DVM

Jackie Doval, MS, DC, CAC
(Human and Animal Chiropractic)

Asheville, NC

Laurel Davis

Animal Nutrition

Houston Area

Crista Meyer
Animal Behavior, Training, Health Assistance, Energy Healing


Seabrook and Webster

Houston and Victoria


My Healthcare Practitioners

Yang Research Center, Inc.

Dr. Jamey K. Summerfield, ND, CTN
Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist
Houston Office: 713.520.8188
Brenham Office: 979.836.1906
Cell: 713.927.5172
(background also includes BS Nursing,
MS Chemical Engineering, MS Herbology)

Dr. Susan Moss
Therapeutic Optometrist
Eyes Are Precious
Houston Office:  713.524.2525

Francis the Healer (for humans and animals)


organic pest control for pets and humans:
grounding meditation:
joey korn, house blessing:
canine wheelchairs:
web design:

Myra no longer reads for missing or lost pets.


Book Buzz
Myra Logan

Myra Logan

I am an ordinary person. After many years in the corporate world, I was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, my "wake-up call." A series of healing experiences and mentors flowed into my life to guide me (sometimes kicking and screaming) through a major career transition to animal communication.

I am convinced that everyone has untapped abilities, and animals can play a major role in helping humans improve their lives. My first book, "Hey! Can You Hear Us? Messages from Animals," reflects my authentic adventures with animals and my struggles to adapt to new truths. I encourage humans to discover the abundant humor, wisdom and insights available from many species of animals, domestic and wild.