A Most Incredible Companion


I have often wondered what Blue Belle is looking at— what it is that she sees (and which I only have a "sense of") when she intently fixes her gaze on areas of the room. This often occurs in place of chasing the toy or chew treat that she usually wants me to toss into the air for her. So, it was reassuring to learn that she does see "the other side," angels and loved ones who have already crossed over. Reassuring, because it gives validation from me to Belle that I know she sees them and credence to how she "announces" they are with us with her distinctive yap; and, I am comforted knowing that my Grandad, in particular, comes through and is watching over us. Knowing that my guardian angels are watching over us is wonderful!

I also loved learning the Belle came here to be with me to bring laughter and love into my life! She certainly succeeds in this every day! From her affectionate kisses to her playful and protective spirit, she spoils me and I appreciate her so very much! She is a most incredible companion in my life!

Andra M.

Bullying Stopped


We brought Rufus home from the Houston SPCA and he had never quite fit in. Even though we had brought other kitties into the Clowder with no problems, everyone seemed to pick on Rufus. We tried everything. We even went so far as to put tuna oil on everyone so they all smelled the same; however, nothing worked. So we contacted Myra Logan to come out to the house to see if she could solve the problem. When Myra arrived and started communicating with our cats, Rufus did something he never does with strangers—he came running down the hallway, got on the table and sat right in front of Myra. She found out that everyone picked on him because he is solid black and everyone else had variations of color and they thought Rufus was ugly. She communicated with the other cats that they needed to be nice to Rufus, and I am happy to report that the worst offender, Momma Kat, started leaving him alone. Just yesterday, they were snuggled up together on the bed. As you can see from this picture, everyone is one big happy family. Well, except for me because all I did was go to get a glass of water and my spot on the bed was taken when I came back. Off to the guest room for me :)

Positive Behavior Change


Callie and Sophie have both chilled out when the door rings…pretty amazing! Callie still has a hard time controlling herself…but when she barks, it is more of a muted bark! Funny!!! But we are talking to her about being quiet…putting her in the dog room if she can’t quite do it…seems to be working!!

Sophie (our youngest) did well when my cousin came over. My cousin babysits regularly so she is a familiar face, but Sophie typically barks at her and runs away when Kellie walks in the door…this time she came up to her for a pet! Kellie couldn’t believe it!!

What a gift you have! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Laura M.

Bridging the Gap


“Myra has been a wonderful addition to the care team I’ve assembled for these boys. She was instrumental in the care of my previous cat as well. Her ability allows her to bridge the gap between human and animal communication. The information she provides is accurate, quite useful, and most often comical and heartwarming. I think we’ve all got the ability to communicate with our animal friends, however, this skill is undeveloped in most of us. Myra is the real deal: a skilled practitioner who acts with the highest degree of integrity, a loving sprit, and a woman who is genuinely doing her part to help animals and the others who care for them.”




"As you may recall, Babaganush did not like to be touched when she first arrived here. My concern was not only for the human interaction and her well being, but for the well being of her unborn foal. After a session that you had with Babaganush, you told me that I should start at her head, and let her know what I was going to be doing to her - verbally and visually. I have done this, and we have made great progress. We have gone from her head to her tummy and are now on those all important back legs! I spend time each day desentitizing her to touch. I tell her verbally what I am going to do (i.e. I'm going to scratch your tummy), and then I visualize it for her, and it is working. I am trying to show her that the baby will be bouncing all around her legs, stomach and udder, and that it's ok. The foal is due on January 27."

Update: Babaganush had her baby on 1/29. All went well and it is a BOY as Myra predicted. Babaganush is very maternal and everything is going beautifully.


Libby's Improvement


"I think you made a believer out of my Sister. She said to tell you thank you very much. Thank you Myra, I really appreciate all you do. Libby has been a happier dog and is a healthier dog thanks to you."


Myra no longer reads for missing or lost pets.


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Myra Logan

Myra Logan

I am an ordinary person. After many years in the corporate world, I was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, my "wake-up call." A series of healing experiences and mentors flowed into my life to guide me (sometimes kicking and screaming) through a major career transition to animal communication.

I am convinced that everyone has untapped abilities, and animals can play a major role in helping humans improve their lives. My first book, "Hey! Can You Hear Us? Messages from Animals," reflects my authentic adventures with animals and my struggles to adapt to new truths. I encourage humans to discover the abundant humor, wisdom and insights available from many species of animals, domestic and wild.